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Hey everyone! :D 

As you'll have noticed, I haven't been very active lately here on deviantart. That's partly because I'm attending university now and I've gotten a lot busier than I was in secondary school, and partly because I created a new gallery (!! :eager: ) where I'll be posting my works from now on. :) 

:airborne:…  :airborne:

I will occasionally check back here, but if you want to follow or contact me as you used to do here on :dalogo: , that'll be the place to be. :D I will also be open for commissions! :deviation: 

:glomp: Many thanks to all my loyal & friendly followers, :highfive: and I hope to see you around on :facebook: +fav  :squee:

SuzyDrawz - over & out! :) 
1: What is the SICKEST thing you've seen (remember, internet is your friend )

Ooh, that's difficult.. I think.. someone eating his own hand off, slurping on the blood-string thingies.. then puking it out. Also he looked like he was gonna eat it again, but then I fínally recovered from shock enough to click it away and never ever return to that site again EVER. O.O Obviously, I couldn't sleep that night. Brrr...

2: You receive a floating little letter telling you that you YES YOU! have been selected to go to hogwards! Now tell me your FIRST reaction (and maybe second if you feel like it)

*packs her bags in a matter of seconds* About damn time! Don't bother, I know the way! :D:D:D

3: You come home from a tiring day of school which wasn't that much you decide it's just time to get a coke (or any other refreshing beverage), fall down on the couch and turn on the tv fer sum delicious time wasting. So you walk to the fridge get a coke (o.a.o.r.b), walk to the living room and see the couch is gone...and the tv....instead there a wet koala sitting on the floor looking at you like this [link] What will you do?
ps: fun fact that koala is the background on my phone now...I call him Harry

Hm. Looks like I need to get some more sleep.... That Koala sure looks snuggly... *u*

4: ScIEncE HAS HAD A BREAKTHROUGH  now you can actually rejuvenate your body over and over again and live as long as YOU please....buuut of course there is a downside...You'll have to feed on other people's life energy...which kills them of course  would it be worth it (and yes I just watched Dr. Who thanks for asking XD)

Omg that's so creepy.... So.. if people want to pledge suicide, they can just donate all of their left-over energy and then.... no, I think I still wouldn't buy it.. I mean, there'll be a black market with people in a really tight spot selling some of their life energy for money and.. I wouldn't want to make energy-profit from that n just.. no. So wrong..

5: Kay now I want you to walk to a bookshelf, grab a book WITHOUT looking, turn to page 42 and put down line 18 (and YES if you just grabbed a playboy that still counts!)

LOL. It's about butt-worms.. ewww, there's a black-n-white image.. not gonna write this... also this page only has 17 lines. XD

6: Congratulations you just attained the ability to walk on 20cm high heels  how will you celebrate?

Buy some shoes with 20cm high heels of course!

7: A  duck is standing behind you... watching you with his dark, duck-eyes...his gaze burning in the flesh of your skin like sulfuric acid...Do you dare look around?

Duck-face stare-off! Challenge accepted! I'll get my mmmm~meat-glance on. 0^0

8: How did you sleep last night?

*shrugs* Pretty well, despite the headache. Had some real nice dreams n stuff. :3

9: Did the normalness of the previous question make you go

Make me go...? Make me go.. what??! OMG, tell me!! O.O

10: And last but not least, Would you give up your imagination for all the knowledge in the world?

Hmm.. since it would just be the info already known to man, it would be of little extra worth to have it all collected in my head, specially since, without any imagination, I wouldn't be able to really use it to combine and so come to new insights. Frankly, I think having thát much knowledge stored in my head would rather be unhandy than handy, most of the time. I'd truly miss my imagination as well.. I don't think life'd be half as much fun without it. Also I could give up on being any kind of 'artist' for sure.. So the answer's no. ^^
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